Monday, September 22, 2008

Upcoming Conference: DPAC II Day 2: Tuesday - 10.28.08 - NYC

Advertiser Track: Is The Widget The Future of Digital Advertising? As Publishers, Media Companies, Networks, Bloggers and the long tail use and push the ad widget, will the marketers come rushing in? As widget companies abound and offer simple DIY design tools that make it possible for any size media company and agency to create customized and inexpensive widgets for their advertisers, will this be the next killer app for brands? And how are agencies and brands using them now? What type of communication strategies and approaches are marketers using to engage consumers? Where and how do widgets fit into media plans? And what metrics do you use to track their efficacy? Lastly, do they have the right stuff to be the future of digital advertising? Moderator:  Matt Goddard, CEO, R2integrated Speakers:  Christian Oestielin, Product Manager, Google Gadget Ad  Dr. Augustine Fou, SVP Digital Strategist, MRM Worldwide Heidi Henson, Director, RockYou Advertising