Friday, September 26, 2008

Samsung spits out second 8-megapixel mobile, christens it "Pixon"


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Hot on the INNOV8's trails comes another 8-megapixel phone out of Samsung's frighteningly fast-paced labs, this one dubbed M8800 Pixon (is it just us, or does that sound like a great name for an alien life form?). They're really mixing it up here, too -- unlike the S60-based INNOV8, the Pixon packs a full-on 400 x 240 touchscreen and settles for Samsung's proprietary non-smartphone platform. The OS seems to be the only place it's settling, though, since we've got triband HSDPA, GPS, an FM radio, microSD expansion -- and, oh yeah, there's the little matter of that whopping cam with face detection, geotagging, and WVGA video recording. Sadly there's no WiFi on board, but it'd be just a little less useful than normal without an honest-to-goodness smartphone OS as your playground -- and at least you've got global 3G on your side. It looks like we can expect shipments of this one sometime in November for €550 (about $805).

[Via GSMArena]
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