Saturday, September 20, 2008

list of acquisitions by Google

This is a list of acquisitions by Google. Each acquisition is for the respective company in its entirety, unless otherwise specified. The acquisition date listed is the date of the agreement between Google and the subject of the acquisition. The value of each acquisition is listed in US dollars because Google is headquartered in the United States. If the value of an acquisition is not listed, then it is undisclosed. If the Google service that is derived from the acquired company is known, then it is also listed. Google's largest acquisition as of March 2008 is the purchase of DoubleClick, an online advertisingcompany, for US$3.1 billion. Because of the size of the acquisition, United States antitrustregulators took nearly a year to investigate the deal and clear it for approval. The majority of the companies acquired by Google are based in the United States, and in turn, a large percentage of these companies are based in or around the San Francisco Bay Area. A total of 51 companies have been acquired as of March 2008.
Acquisition dateCompanyBusinessCountryValue (USD)Derived servicesReferences
12 February 2001DejaUsenetFlag of the United States USAGoogle Groups[1]
20 September 2001OutrideWeb search engineFlag of the United States USAGoogle Personalized Search[2]
February 2003Pyra LabsWeblog softwareFlag of the United States USABlogger[3]
April 2003Neotonic SoftwareCustomer relationship managementFlag of the United States USAGoogle Groups,Gmail[4]
April 2003Applied SemanticsOnline advertisingFlag of the United States USA$102,000,000AdSenseAdWords[5]
30 September 2003KaltixWeb search engineFlag of the United States USAiGoogle[6]
October 2003Sprinks(a division of Primedia)Online advertisingFlag of the United States USAAdSenseAdWords[7]
October 2003Genius LabsBloggingFlag of the United States USABlogger[8]
10 May 2004Ignite LogicHTML editorFlag of the United States USAGoogle Page Creator[9]
23 June 2004BaiduAChinese languagesearch engineFlag of the People's Republic of China CHN$5,000,000[10]
13 July 2004PicasaImage organizerFlag of the United States USAPicasaBlogger[11]
September 2004ZipDashTraffic analysisFlag of the United States USAGoogle Ride Finder[12]
October 2004Where2Map analysisFlag of the United States USAGoogle Maps[13]
27 October 2004Keyhole, IncMap analysisFlag of the United States USAGoogle Maps,Google Earth[14]
28 March 2005Urchin Software CorporationWeb analyticsFlag of the United States USAGoogle Analytics[15]
12 May 2005DodgeballSocial networking serviceFlag of the United States USAGoogle Mobile,Google SMS[16]
July 2005ReqwirelessMobile browserFlag of Canada CANGoogle Mobile[17]
7 July 2005Current Communications GroupBroadband internet accessFlag of the United States USA$100,000,000Internet backbone[18]
17 August 2005AndroidMobile softwareFlag of the United States USAGoogle Mobile,Google SMS[19]
November 2005SkiaGraphics softwareFlag of the United States USAPicasa[20]
17 November 2005Akwan Information TechnologiesSearch EnginesFlag of Brazil BRAInternet backbone[21]
20 December 2005AOLBBroadband internet accessFlag of the United States USA$1,000,000,000[22]
27 December 2005PhatbitsWidget engineFlag of the United States USAGoogle Desktop[23]
31 December 2005allPAY GmbHMobile softwareFlag of Germany GERGoogle Mobile[24]
31 December 2005bruNET GmbHMobile softwareFlag of Germany GERGoogle Mobile[24]
17 January 2006dMarc BroadcastingAdvertisingFlag of the United States USA$102,000,000AdSense[25]
14 February 2006Measure MapWeblog softwareFlag of the United States USAGoogle Analytics[26]
9 March 2006UpstartleWord processorFlag of the United States USAGoogle Documents[27]
14 March 2006@Last Software3D modeling softwareFlag of the United States USAGoogle Sketchup[28]
9 April 2006OrionWeb search engineFlag of Australia AUSGoogle Search[29]
1 June 20062Web TechnologiesOnline spreadsheetsFlag of the United States USAGoogle Spreadsheet[30][31]
15 August 2006Neven VisionComputer visionFlag of the United States USAGoogle Maps[32]
9 October 2006YouTubeVideo sharingFlag of the United States USA$1,650,000,000Google Video[33][34]
31 October 2006JotSpotWeb applicationFlag of the United States USAGoogle Sites[35]
18 December 2006EndoxonMappingFlag of Switzerland CHE$28,000,000Google Maps[36]
4 January 2007XunleiCFile sharingFlag of the People's Republic of China CHN$5,000,000[37]
16 February 2007AdscapeIn-game advertisingFlag of the United States USA$23,000,000AdSense[38]
16 March 2007TrendalyzerStatistical softwareFlag of Sweden SWEGoogle Analytics[39]
17 April 2007Tonic SystemsPresentation programFlag of the United States USAGoogle Documents[40]
19 April 2007MarratechVideoconferencingFlag of Sweden SWEGoogle Talk[41]
13 April 2007DoubleClickOnline advertisingFlag of the United States USA$3,100,000,000AdSense[42][43][44]
11 May 2007GreenBorderComputer securityFlag of the United States USAInternal use[45]
1 June 2007PanoramioPhoto sharingFlag of Spain ESPBlogger


3 June 2007FeedBurnerWeb feedFlag of the United States USA$100,000,000Google Reader[47]
5 June 2007PeakStreamParallel processingFlag of the United States USAServer (computing)[48]
19 June 2007ZenterPresentation programFlag of the United States USAGoogle Documents[49]
2 July 2007GrandCentralVoice over Internet ProtocolFlag of the United States USA$45,000,000Google Mobile[50]
20 July 2007Image AmericaAerial photographyFlag of the United States USAGoogle Maps[51]
9 July 2007PostiniCommunications securityFlag of the United States USA$625,000,000Gmail[52]
27 September 2007ZingkuSocial network serviceFlag of the United States USAGoogle Mobile[53]
9 October 2007JaikuMicro-bloggingFlag of Finland FINGoogle Mobile[54]