Sunday, September 21, 2008

Panasonic unveils video-capturing Lumix G prototype


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Panasonic updating the Lumix G1 already?
We just barely got our unsteady mitts on the upcoming Lumix G1, yet already Panasonic is teasing with something of a successor, currently dubbed the "G." It uses the G1's same micro four thirds body design, ditching the mirror and optical viewfinder in favor of case slimness, but adds a stereo microphone on top and record button on back for high-def video capture -- rare stuff on a consumer digi-cam with a replaceable lens. No word on price or availability, but given the G1 isn't slated to hit Japan until October we wouldn't expect this one until sometime next year. Meanwhile, if you tend to prefer pictures of the non-moving variety, LetsGoDigital also has some test images taken by a pre-release G1. The 640x480 snaps themselves aren't anything to get too excited about (unless you're a Formula One fan), but do prove that the camera can indeed take pictures.

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