Friday, September 26, 2008

iRex's 1000SW e-reader won't have 3G -- no matter how much we say otherwise


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If you've been following the new iRex reader, the 1000 series, you'll be disappointed to know -- as we were -- that the high-end 1000SW will not come equipped with 3G connectivity as we previously reported. Apparently jkOnTheRun got in touch with iRex rep Loeki van der Lee after unsuccessfully searching for hard evidence on the feature, and he confirmed that the device will sport WiFi and Bluetooth, but nothing more. Honestly, based on his short responses and the information we snagged from Forbes the day before the announcement, it sounds as if plans might have changed at the last minute. Still, it won't alter the fact that the $849 device won't provide the same functionality as a $359 Kindle... though it does have that snazzy Wacom stylus.
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