Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sony DMX-WL1, DMX-DVD and DMX-SW1 Link Modules Shoot Content Wirelessly To Your BRAVIA HDTV [Sony]


The DMX-WL1, DMX-DVD and DMX-SW1 link modules from Sony hook up to their BRAVIA TVs to provide wireless streaming of HD video from anywhere up to 65 feet away. The DMX-WL1 is a two-piece system that has five HD sources (four HDMI and one component) that's $800 in October. The DMX-DVD is an upscaling 1080p DVD player for $200, and the DMX-SW1 adds four additional HDMI inputs for $150, both of which are available now. These "follow" the BRAVIA Internet Video Link Module which latches onto compatible BRAVIA TVs, which costs $300. [Sony Style]