Thursday, September 25, 2008

Microsoft thinks two WiMo devices are better than one


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Microsoft thinks two WiMo devices are better than one
Ever try to look at a really big picture on a really small screen, like the kind you'll find on your average Windows Mobile phone? You're either left scrolling all over or squinting, and while you might think a pico projector could be a handy solution, Microsoft thinks you're wrong. You just need more phones! A patent application called "Mobile Device Collaboration" has been uncovered that describes how multiple mobile devices could be placed next to each other to share pixels, using proximity sensors to correctly orient one image across a plethora of screens. MS also wants phones to combine antennas to boost signal strength, CPUs to handle intensive tasks, and even batteries (via tether) so that if one phone is dying the other can keep it soldiering on. All well and good, but we'd be happy with improved battery life in just one WiMo phone, thanks very much.
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