Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nokia's E75 QWERTY slider spotted in the wild


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Espoo's usually a pretty cold place, but HTC's S740 has to feel the heat coming off Nokia headquarters now that the purported E75 slider has been spotted in its natural habitat. We don't have a ton of information about this thing, but considering the length of time that transpired between the E71's first spy shot and its release, we do know that we could still be in for a bit of a wait before this thing is announced, much less retailed. If Nokia manages to keep the thickness in check, we're thinking this could be a fantastic form factor for S60, Eseries or otherwise -- and since the phone borrows heavily from the ID of the beautiful E71, we're optimistic it's going to be a looker. Let's just get it out the door in a reasonable amount of time, alright?

[Thanks, African Remix]
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