Friday, November 02, 2007

Sony's X-Ramen Rader Finds Hot Noodles Wherever You Are [Specificity]

X-Ramen_Radar.jpgHere's an unexpected product from Sony: ramen radar. Yeah, it's a piece of software designed to help you find a ramen noodle shop wherever you are. Now, as someone who's gone on the record about his near-obsession with ramen , this sounds pretty amazing to me, albeit also kind of ridiculous. The X-Ramen Radar works by using Sony's PlaceEngine system that uses a database of local WiFi hotspots to determine your location, then cross-references it with a database of ramen shops. Or something, it's a little confusing and Japan-only. It could clearly be used for anything, but the fact that it's made exclusively for ramen joints just makes it a real head scratcher. [Product Page via Digital World Tokyo]