Monday, October 29, 2007

Leopard Hacked For Self-Hating PC Users [Hacks]

macHate.jpgWe had written a very smug, Macs rule PCs drool post reporting that PC users could run Leopard. And then our Mac froze up and we lost it all. So now you just get the news straight, without our giggling. The news, once again: OSX Leopard has been hacked to work on all Intel PCs, and the process is ridiculously simple, requiring a small .zip and a touch of blank media. [UPDATE: And it looks like you need Tiger pre-installed, too.]

Of course, by installing Leopard on a PC, you are endangering the stability of the space/time continuum, risking not just the future of the Earth and our own humanity, but the existence of everything in the Universe. And we could never condone anything that Back to the Future told us was best avoided. [ OSx86]

Thanks Jason!