Friday, November 02, 2007

20+ Tools To Sell Your Photos and Templates Online

November 2, 2007 — 01:24 AM PDT — by Sean P. Aune Share This

We've done a lot of toolboxes on how to design your sites and get yourself up and running. Well, have you found yourself with a lot of discarded work as you tried different things? Maybe some spare photos? A tossed aside template? Why not turn them in to money makers for you? We've gathered together 20+ sites for you to sell off your photography and templates, and you never know, it could become a whole new revenue stream for you!

Don't forget to check out our post where you can suggest future toolbox topics! (This list, for example, came from one of the suggestions.)

Photography - Offers two payment systems: 50% of individual high res photo sale, and $.36 per subscription download. - With over 10 million images, you may get a little lost in the shuffle here, but if you can sell your work, you'll get 65%. - Normal downloads will make you $.50 to $1.00. Special downloads (people who wish to produce products with your image) can make you $60. - A mixture of selling news images and stock photos of daily life. They will also accept camera phone images for news images. Payout of 50% of the proceeds. - You have to be approved by the quality of your images for inclusion, and the payout is a tiered system that is fairly complex, so it is best that you look at the chart they provide, but payouts can reach as high as 80%. - Offers sites for various countries, commissions for sale of your photos averages 52%, and goes as high as 80%. - One of the best known stock image sites, has a pay out of 70%. - Provides you with your own ecommerce site to sell your photos as well as goods featuring your images. 85% of the sale goes to you. - A marketplace for your news related images, sold in an auction format. Commissions can be up to 85%, but the system isn't clear. - An agency for selling your images to the media. Upload your photos and they will try to sell them exclusively for 12-months. If they can't use them, they will tell you so you won't be under contract, and at the end of the year, the exclusivity ends. Pays 40% of final sale. - Offers a lot of features for photographers including the chance to fulfill buyer requests. Has an 85% payout. - Since it is a subscription based system, you are paid per the download. Currently the payout is $.25 per download. Also allows for uploading of stock video footage. - Sell stock images for approximately a 60% commission after fees. Unique "bounty" system where people list what they want, what they'll pay, and you can fulfill it for extra work. - Earn 50% ofthe sale, and with prices ranging $1 to $10, it could rack up quickly. - A stock image seller for over 20 years, seems pretty selective in the work they except, and no mention of prcentage.

Templates & Themes - Allows you to sell all sorts of templates and themes, they keep 12% of each sale. - Sell a full Flash page or just a menu. Customotion takes approxiametly 1/3 of the price charged to the customer.

Earner's Forum Marketplace - A message board for you to advertise your themes, templates, complete websites and more. - Templates for just about everything from business sites, Power Point, and even parties. Pays an average of $10 a template. - A recently launched marketplace for WordPress themes. Not real clear on how much of the sale they keep. Does emphasize selling unique designs and not selling over and over.

SitePoint's Template Marketplace - List your templates for various systems here and connect directly with your buyers.