Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Real-Time Videoconferencing for Today’s Mobile Phone

tN_KTTechlogo_jpg.jpgKT-Tech, a small start-up company, has revealed its mobile phone videoconferencing application, KTvid. KTvid allows person-to-person videoconferencing in real-time over today's mainstream cellular networks. The application doesn't require the high-bandwidth of a 3G cellular network for quality two-way video and audio connectivity so its potential can be realized today. I don't know how good the picture and sound is but you can be assured that KT-Tech thinks they are high-quality.

"Video has created enormous business opportunities on the Web, but the high cost and low quality of video on today's cell phones has hindered the adoption of mobile video consumption, real-time video reporting and mobile videoconferencing," said Rob Lerner, COO of KT-Tech Inc. "We are aiming to lower the barriers to adoption of mobile video by enabling high-quality video on today's handsets, over today's cellular networks."

KT-Tech reveals its videoconferencing application today at the 2007 CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment convention which is being held in San Francisco on October 23-25. If you are at the convention stop by Booth #112 and look at KT-Tech's product for me. Leave a message in the comments section of this MobileCrunch post and give your opinion as pertaining to the quality of the video and audio, and whatever thoughts you may have.