Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ad Infuse Continues to Grow

ad infuse.JPGAd Infuse, a company that delivers personalized mobile handset advertisements, announced today that it has closed 14 new mobile advertising and marketing deals and 22 new publishing deals so far in 2007. Ad Infuse hopes to finalize several more contracts by the end of the year. The company added that inventory across its content channels will exceed 160 million impressions per month as of October, 2007.

Ad Infuse thinks that the future of mobile advertising will be more personalized than mass market oriented. By bringing together carriers, brands, content providers and consumers, Ad Infuse specifically targets consumers, so advertisements can be more cost efficient than the old impersonalized advertising method.

"Advertising on the mobile device is a new frontier," said Brian Cowley, CEO of Ad Infuse. "Companies that do it right can increase consumer loyalty, build revenues and extend "brand awareness. Ad Infuse creates a customer-centric mobile environment where people can connect to and interact with the brands that define their lives."

I'm not sure if it is fair to say that advertising on mobile phones is a new frontier. In this quick tempo technological world, if an idea has been around for more than a few months it starts to get the label of being old. This probably isn't fair but some people feel the need to criticize a good idea they didn't think of. Specifically targeting individuals or small groups of people, with specially tailored advertisements may be the future of advertising not only on mobile devices and computers, but also in other media formats. I can see a time when two different television sets in two different houses in the same neighborhood are tuned to the same show, but different advertisements are watched by each household.