Friday, November 02, 2007

Mitsubishi Unveils 27-Million-Pixel, 340-Degree DLP Panorama Screen Room [Gigantic Screens]

mitsubishi_panoramic_display.jpgMitsubishi just unveiled a pretty amazing set of giant screens set up to create a walk-in panorama. Consisting of a whopping 17 pairs of 67-inch panels arranged in a 340-degree near-circle, this $1.3-million setup creates a feeling of total immersion. The screens are all DLP, and in total it's packed with 27 million pixels. It was custom-built for a rich, secretive customer, but Mitsubishi hopes to start producing the setup for museums and other such institutions in the future. Holy crap do I ever want to play video games on this thing. Let's make that happen, Mitsubishi. [Iza via Pink Tentacle ]