Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Google+ Will Eventually Power All Comments On YouTube


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Google+ Will Eventually Power All Comments On YouTube (YouTube Blog)
YouTube is rolling out a new commenting system on channel discussions (soon to be rolled out to all videos) that is powered by Google+. 

More than 100 million people like, share, or comment on YouTube every week, and now all of those social actions will be going towards building the Google+ social graph. 

The strategic move is yet another attempt by Google to tie Google+ to everything you do while using Google products (search, email, video). Google+ is one of the largest social network's that very few people ever intentionally use. Read >

Twitter Leaning Towards Listing On NYSE (CNBC)
Although no official decision has been announced as of this writing, sources tell CNBC that Twitter is "leaning" towards listing on the New York Stock Exchange. Facebook and a number of other major tech companies are listed on the Nasdaq. Read >

Pinterest Launches New Pins For Publishers (Pinterest Blog) 
In hopes of appealing to publishers, and not just the fashion crowd, Pinterest is rolling out an updated pin for publishers. The updated feature now includes more information about the article being pinned, such as the headline, name of author, story description, and link to the source. Read >

China To Lift Ban On Facebook and Twitter (Business Insider) 
The Chinese government is lifting a ban on Facebook and Twitter in its Shanghai free-trade zone. Read > 

Wendy's Taps Vine For Marketing Campaign (Mobile Marketer) 
Wendy's is the latest fast-food company to experiment with Vine for marketing. The company is asking customers to upload six-second video clips showing off their sandwiches. Taco Bell has also used Vine for marketing campaigns. Read >

The Best Times To Post On Each Social Network (Fannit)

social media infographic when are the best times to post

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