Thursday, September 26, 2013

drag2share: 21-Year-Old Who Raised A $25 Million Seed Round Teases His Mystery App With A Strange Ad


richard branson lucas duplan

Lucas Duplan announced a monstrous $25 million seed round in June for a mysterious payment app, Clinkle.

Duplan still isn't ready to reveal to the world what his payment startup actually does, or how it's different than all the solutions that currently exist. But he recently won over a new investor, Richard Branson and the mystery of his startup has attracted more than 100,000 people to its waitlist. Branson said he's "excited to be part of the Clinkle revolution" in a release.

Duplan also spent a lot of time creating a strange ad that teases Clinkle and will be running on the company's website. He told AllThingsD he spent "more [time] than he should have" on the ad that shows people with missing body parts. It kind of reminds us of Kevin Bacon's movie, Hollow Man.

Here it is, below:

Clinkle: We’re All In This Together from Cl! inkle on Vimeo.