Thursday, September 18, 2008

Neuros Hackable Open-Source Set-Top Box Updated: OSD2 [Open Source DVR]


Neuros has taken another stab at the open-source set-top box market, and created the "Open Source Device 2." The original OSD was aimed at developers, but ended up finding use as a DVR. The new OSD2 has a more conventional box, can encode video at 720p in MPEG-4 format, H.264 D1 resolution (that's DVD quallity) from an analog video source, upscale video to 1080i or transcode it for a PMP. It's got a serial port, IRBlaster port, connections for Wi-Fi antenna, USB, LAN, HDMI, composite video and stereo audio, and even packs an SD port. It's shipped with a Linux-based firmware stack, but is completely open to user OS hacking. Available now for $250. [Linuxdevices]