Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Latest iPhone Copy & Paste Stopgap CopierciN Works With SMS, Emails, Notes [The Saga Continues]


It's kind of starting to be a joke, this copy and paste thing. The latest promising-looking implementation, CopierciN (for jailbreak only via Cydia), acts as a middle man, importing text messages, your most recent emails, or your notes into a standard text editor, where you can then select what you want to "copy" and then "paste" that text into a new message or note (in their native apps). And in a new twist, CopierciN was written as a first project by someone who just taught himself how to program in Objective C. So now students are doing your dirty work and besting you, Apple—'bout time for you to jump in this ring, no? Read more here, and check it out (in early, rough beta form) via Cydia. [CopierciN]