Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homebrew DS-DSLR Uses Nintendo DS as a Canon EOS Remote [Homebrew]


Really nice piece of DS homebrew here: when photographer Steve was searching for a less bulky alternative to tethering his Canon 5D to his laptop for remote functions during shoots, he didn't have to look further than his DS Lite, which he was always packing anyway. With a custom cable that connects through the GBA cartridge slot, Steve used the Canon SDK to write a powerful remote app that does everything his laptop could—saving bulk, time, and money. And it's got some tricks even the laptop couldn't pull off.

The DS-DSLR app enables controlled bracketing, custom interval shots, timed long exposures—everything dedicated remote apps do. The DS's unique hardware even allows for a noise-activated shutter control via the built-in mic for snapping a shot the second a balloon pops. So a powerful, instant-on, 218 gram remote that also plays Mario Kart. Not bad at all. [Panocamera via BBG]