Friday, September 19, 2008

SemantiFind Clarifies What You're Searching For [Featured Firefox Extension]


Firefox only: Newly-launched search tool SemantiFind is out to deliver more meaningful results by helping you clarify your query, and putting user-assigned labels for pages across the web to good use. Download the SemantiFind Firefox extension, click the "Start Semantifying!" button, and go to and type your search terms. Like Google Suggest, SemantiFind will drop down a list of possible searches that clarify your search (as pictured, in a search for "salsa," SemantiFind checks if you mean the sauce, the music, the dance or the film). On the results page, SemantiFind embeds its suggestions on top of your regular Google results, based on user labels on web pages. You can save or delete results to personalize what you get in future searches. When you're not on Google, you can use the SemantiFind Firefox toolbar to add and edit page labels. Lifehacker's current SemantiFind labels are "Web2" (huh?), "Lifehacking", and "Productivity." (Not terrible, but not perfect.) SemantiFind is currently a free download for Firefox and works with Google only, but other search engine support is in the works.