Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lenovo rolls out bundle of new enviro-minded ThinkVision monitors


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Lenovo's already kicked out a pair of low-end ThinkVision monitors that promise to do their small part for the environment, and it's now finally expanded that enviro-mindedness to some of its higher-end offerings. At the very top of the heap is the 24-inch L2440x (pictured above), which boasts the usual 1920x1200 and some less-than-common white LED backlighting, which is apparently a first for a Lenovo monitor. Those looking to keep things fluorescent-backed can also opt for the otherwise identical L2440p, or you can drop down to the 22-inch L2240p monitor, which also scales the resolution back to 1680 x 1050. Rounding out the latest offerings are the 17-inch L1700p and 19-inch L1940p, which unsurprisingly offer the biggest energy savings and, like the other models, also pack less mercury content than your usual LCD monitor. Look for the whole lot of them to be available by the end of this month, with prices ranging from $230 to $750.

[Via, thanks Jake]
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