Thursday, April 12, 2007

OnRequest Images Raises $9M (stock images)

from alarm:clock by BT Seattle's OnRequest Images has raised $9M from Menlo Ventures and current investors Maveron and Frazier Technology Ventures. OnRequest is an odd bird investment. The company sells a range of photo management services to corporations to help them manage their brands. It claims to employ a global network of more than 1,600 photographers, combines that with pre-and-post production services, and Web-based image management, licensing and rights management services, and brand imagery consulting, OnRequest Images empowers brands to develop the right visual approach based on culture, ethnicity, and demographics. OnRequest claims to give companies original photos that other companies can't use. It points to two advertisers that used the same stock photograph of a man in their ads -- Met Life and Viagra. Do viewers notice? Who knows.