Wednesday, April 11, 2007

24-inch LED Backlit LCD Coming from Samsung

byJohn Martellaro, 4:40 PM EDT, April 11th, 2007 Samsung has announced a 24-inch (60 cm) LED backlit LCD display with 180 degree viewing and near perfect light uniformity, according to DailyTech. "As notebooks become thinner, the need for LED-backlit screens become more important as they take up far less space and requires less power," the author reported. "The same is true for desktop displays, but LED-backlit LCD panels are used primarily for a different reason here: uniformity and color gamut." The new displays boast a high contrast ratio and excellent color saturation. Samsung said that these displays will reach 111 percent of the NTSC standard while traditional LCDs commonly manage about 72 percent. The resolution will be 1920 x 1200 and the panel will have a true 180 degree viewing angle. In terms of availability, Samsung hasn't yet committed. However, the author noted that," the lag between Samsung panel announcements and monitor production can sometimes exceed six months." With the new 24-inch LCD monitor display, technology-demanding consumers, professional graphics designers and digital photographers will enjoy the same true-to-life colors that premium LCD TVs can provide, thanks to Samsung's proprietary LED backlight. The LED-backlit monitor panel has an industry-high color saturation level of 111% (of NTSC standard) compared to a saturation level of only 72% of NTSC for conventional monitors.The panel's 24-inch screen size is optimal for systems equipped with the Windows Vista operating system. While conventional thinking has been that Windows Vista works best with a 22-inch screen (the size of two A4 pieces of paper), 22 inches is not wide enough to support full-HD. In addition, industry experts now say that 24 inches provides a better Windows Vista fit to also include the Vista right side bar and margins.The advent of Windows Vista and the spread of HD technology have accelerated the demand for wide-screen monitors delivering true-color imagery. Meanwhile, a steadily increasing number of consumers are using their monitors to watch high quality video images. Samsung's new 24-inch LCD display with its vivid colors represents one of the most advanced monitor screens available today to meet market needs.The new monitor display also features Samsung's highly successful S-PVA (Super Patterned-ITO Vertical Alignment) technology that provides the widest viewing angle possible—180 degrees—at the highest contrast ratio for LCD monitors today (>1,000:1). It also supports WUXGA resolution (1,920x1,200 pixels), which is the computer equivalent to Full HD resolution.The new display's backlight does not use mercury and is therefore is environmentally-friendly.