Friday, November 22, 2013

Stable Chrome OS update notches movable Shelf, Braille display support


Google has just released a stable version of Chrome OS, and while it's (sadly) not as huge as Chrome OS 32, it still comes with feature boosts for your device. Perhaps most notable is its newly added initial support for USB-connected Braille displays. Other than that, this stopgap follow-up to OS 31 tweaks the platform's looks, starting by letting you drag the Shelf (or the app dock) from the bottom to either side of the screen. The company has also moved the launcher icon to the bottom left and made it, along with the app icons and status tray, more touch friendly for Pixel users. What's more, if you use an avatar for either Chrome OS or Google+, you'll find your profile picture preferences synced between the two. Almost everyone can now download these changes, which come bundled with the usual security and performance fixes. If you own an Acer C7, an HP Chromebook 11 or an HP Pavilion Chromebook, however, you're going to have to sit this update out -- better luck next time.

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Source: Google Chrome Releases