Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fiber Optics May Change The Way You View Wallpaper [Fiber Optics]


As a prospective homebuyer, I have watched enough HGTV to learn a few things: people like open floorplans and they like big kitchens with stainless steel appliances—but they don't like wallpaper. Still, that has not deterred designers from trying to make wallpaper appealing again. One such designer named Camilla Diedrich is attempting to achieve this feat using intricate designs and fiber optics. Her Nature Ray Charles series comes in several different colors and can be purchased for about $231 a roll—although there are no details on how the wallpaper works or how it is applied.

It still looks too busy if you ask me, plus that lighting effect could get real annoying real quick—unless there is a way to shut off the power (or you are tripping balls 24 hours a day). [Bodie and Fou via Inhabitat]