Friday, November 14, 2008

Cycle Life Watch Concept Charts Your Life Draining Away In Daily Drudgery [Timepieces]


Here's a bit of tech that'll cast a wonderful air of doom and gloom over your morning breakfast cereal: The Cycle Life watch charts your progress through the boring average day's drudgery. It begins cheerfully with "wake up!" but then the rest of your productive, vividly personal, exciting daily life is reduced to displays for "Car, PC, Car, TV, Go to Sleep!" Totally reminds me of a French slang saying about daily tediousness "Metro, bulo, dodo, Metro bulo..." travel, work, home, travel, work... At least the watch also has a real time display so you can see exactly how much closer to death you're getting. A concept, but a darkly delicious one. [Yanko]