Wednesday, October 24, 2007

HDTV: Wired Names Olevia 747i Best LCD in 38- to 49-inch Category

tv_olevia_747i_f.jpgAfter a post about Olevia's new lower-priced 65-inch HDTV ($6999), we were wondering just the other day exactly how good these Olevia TV sets are. Now our estimation of the brand just raised up a notch or two when we saw a big thumbs up from Wired for the 47-inch 1080p Olevia 747i LCD TV, topping a roundup of nine flat panels including some pretty stiff competition from the likes of Sony, Samsung, Philips, Westinghouse, Panasonic, Toshiba, Visio and Polaroid. Gushed Wired in its upcoming "Test" issue:

It's smarter, with a killer video-processing chip that helped it ace all our tests, syncing up and smoothing out the noisiest screwball video we threw its way.
The reviewer also liked the set's pretty appearance, called its built-in speakers the best he tested, and even liked Olevia's 3Dish menus and remote control. The nine out of ten rating bestowed upon this $2499 HDTV constitutes quite an endorsement. Might be one to examine come Black Friday. [Wired]