Monday, October 22, 2007

Brando SATA/EIDE to USB 2.0 Cable

brandousb.jpgBrando is offering a converter cable to make all your internal SATA/EIDE devices USB 2.0 compatible. The cable works with all hard drives, CD drives and DVD drives. It's no slouch on the performance side either, with a tested transfer rate of 165.3Mbps. The unit also comes with AC power adapters so you don't need to power it with a computer.

We think it may be a little risky schlepping a bare drive around with you all the time without protection of any sort, but we've never been the kind to take chances with our data. Our precious, juicy data.

Brando SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Conversion Cable Review [Bona Fide Reviews]