Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Displays: Sharp Announces Micro LCD...Thanks?

sharpLCDsmall.jpgHitachi may have the thinnest production LCD but it's a lard butt compared to Sharp's 2.2-inch mobile LCD that's a mere .68mm thick. For an LCD the stats aren't even horrible. You get a 2000:1 contrast ratio, 8ms response time and 176-degree viewing angle in this 240x320 display. Intended for use in one-seg terrestrial broadcast, we're just a bit confused. Why even challenge OLED in the mobile market? (Other than price, maybe?)

OLED has lightning response times (reports of < 0.01ms), viewing angles with nearly no color fallout and contrast ratios as high as the eye can see (Sony's new 11-incher claims 1000000:1). I mean, LCD, it's not that we don't appreciate the gesture. And if Sharp could make a .68mm-thin 60" TV, we'd be all over you. But...uhh...we sorta already agreed to go to the prom with OLED...and his dad's renting a limo and everything. [avwatch]