Monday, October 22, 2007

Cellphones: Sagem Porsche P'9521 Hands On (Verdict: Nifty)

porschephone_crave.jpgWe're jealous. The guys at the Brit division of Crave got their greasy paws on that gorgeous Sagem Porsche P'9521 cellphone we showed you the other day. Making us feel even worse is the fact that they liked it a lot, writing in their dignified-sounding British way, "It's not just a piece of rubbish with a Porsche logo on it—it is in fact a rather nifty clamshell handset."

One of the pics showed us something we didn't realize before—you know that highly visible Porsche Design logo on the lid? The numerals on its outside screen are displayed in a similar typeface. That's a cool detail. Our major complaint about the phone is its outrageous $1634 price. [Crave UK]