Tuesday, January 06, 2015

drag2share: Intel Just Showed Off This Computer That's The Size Of A Button (INTC)

source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/businessinsider/~3/V1u3DkodLTg/intel-new-computer-is-the-size-of-a-button-2015-1

At this year's CES, Intel's keynote is all about the future of computing.

It just rolled out the Curie, a computer that's literally the size of a button. It's just a prototype, but it's loaded with sensors and can run for extended periods of time.


Intel is also talking a lot about how to control computers through gestures rather than with a traditional keyboard and ouse. As one of its examples of how that tech can be used, the company demoed a 3D monitor that had a 3D camera embedded inside.

During the demo, the man was able to play a virtual piano without actually touching the screen. This allowed him to actually press virtual keys as if he was really playing a piano rather than just tapping a screen.

 Intel hasn't implemented this type of technology in any real products yet, but it's an interesting concept.

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