Thursday, July 17, 2014

LG's G3 Beat has laser autofocus and a smaller screen, but it's still pretty big


Now that LG's marched out its latest flagship smartphone, its time to repeat the process for smaller hands. That's where the G3 Beat comes in, folding in laser-guided camera autofocus, that self-learning keyboard, LTE and a removable 2,540mAh battery. What it doesn't get, however, is that ridiculously sharp quad-HD display found on the G3. Given that LG's positioned as a mid-range phone, it's not going to apologize for that -- it was most likely the priciest part of LG's bigger flagship smartphone. We would like the company, however, to explain exactly why it's called the G3 Beat, because we have no idea. That's what the phone will be called at launch tomorrow in Korea, but when it launches globally later this year, it'll be called the G3 s. Tame? Sure, but that second name makes a lot more sense.

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Source: LG