Thursday, July 17, 2014

Google confirms Android Wear will support custom watch faces


Since its beginnings, the Android platform has been known for being heavily customizable. As such, it's not exactly a surprise to hear Google say its new smartwatch ecosystem, Android Wear, is due to support watch faces from third-party developers. However, having actual confirmation makes for perfect peace of mind. In a Google+ post, Android's VP of Design Matias Duarte affirmed this would be the case, stating that the Wear team is already working on a custom watch face API. "Customization has helped Android thrive, and the same will be true for Android Wear," he wrote. The incoming API will make it "as simple as possible" for devs to make all-around great watch faces, ones which can look good, not drain a battery and blend well with the watches card-based UI. Duarte said "some" of these things won't be available until later this year, but that they are, without a doubt, on their way. So, don't worry, soon enough you'll have better choices to deck out that fancy, smart tick-tock wearabl! e of yours.

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Via: Android Police

Source: Matias Duarte (Google+)