Wednesday, April 30, 2014

drag2share: Google Glass won't steal your phone calls anymore


Google Glass with an earbud

Google isn't done upgrading Glass this month just because the KitKat update is out the door. It's rolling out another release this week that should be huge for frequent callers and photographers. You'll no longer miss a phone call just because Glass took control of the audio; the eyewear is now smart enough to route sound to your handset when you're using it to hold a conversation. It'll also be possible to back up photos and videos when away from WiFi, and you can clear those shots from your timeline with one swipe when you're done. There should be more voice commands to accommodate third-party apps, as well. It's not clear exactly when the update hits, but it should give the surge of new Glass owners one more thing to look forward to.

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Via: Jenny Murphy (Google+)

Source: Google Glass (Google+), Google Developers

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