Wednesday, April 30, 2014

drag2share: Ads Are Coming To Tinder This Year


The mobile dating app Tinder will likely see advertising sometime this year.

Re/Code reports that IAC, which owns a majority stake in the startup, said during an earnings call today that it would begin testing monetization methods soon.

Greg Blatt, chairman of IAC's Match dating division, said the app provides "real opportunities for native advertising."

Already, these capabilities have been tested by Fox and the USA Network, which set up fake profiles for characters from "The Mindy Project" and "Suits," respectively. No money changed hands for either of the brand integrations.

Mindy Kaling on tinder

The app has also considered selling subscriptions, as well as a "freemium" model that would give away basic services for free but require users to pay for additional features, such as the ability to go back and undo a swipe for a given user.

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