Tuesday, November 01, 2011

drag2share: The iPhone Could Be Getting a Native Gmail App [IPhone]

Source: http://gizmodo.com/5855159/the-iphone-could-be-getting-a-native-gmail-app

The iPhone Could Be Getting a Native Gmail AppAccording to MG Siegler, Google has submitted an official Gmail app to the iOS App Store for approval, which would finally bring some of Gmail's more awesome features to iPhone (and hopefully iPad) users.

If the speculation is true, the app will allow Gmail push functionality without having to run your account through Exchange (like you have to in Apple's own mail app), along with other deeply-integrated features.

The native Gmail app will likely bring other key functionality as well: like Priority Inbox and one-click starring of messages. Other possibilities include some of the stuff Google is about to roll out for Gmail proper: like contact icons, better threading, and deep searching functionality. Maybe there will even be some Google+ integration, which Google is also hard at work on for Gmail.

Hopefully it looks nicer than the Google Voice app, and while they're at it, can't they just toss us a full-functioning Google Talk app as well? [parislemon]

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