Wednesday, November 19, 2008 Webapp Creates Even Tinier URLs for Twitter [TinyURL]


The latest entry in the URL-shortening service is, and while there are a number of features that might make you switch from reader favorite TinyURL, the most compelling is that with so few characters in the service's domain name, it creates really tiny URLs. A quick test for shortening the address to to Lifehacker got it down to a mere 17 characters, equivalent to abbreviated web addresses from If you're a hard-core character counter, it's probably because you're a user of Twitter or similar services, and will automatically send created links directly to your Twitter stream if you like. It also offers stats to keep track of where from and how many folks clicked through the link. A bookmarklet is available to make it quick and easy to trim a site's location while browsing. And you can also give a custom word for the URL or even add tags to improve searchability. Check out our Hive Five of best URL shrinkers for more tiny-fying solutions.