Thursday, November 20, 2008

Meraki's Solar Powered Wi-Fi Repeater Finally Shipping in December [Solar Wi-fi]


We first wrote about Meraki and their solar-powered Wi-Fi repeater back in mid '07, but they're finally getting ready to ship these next month. According to Cleantechnica, it's going to be $749 if you have your own solar panel, which then balloons up to $1499 for "larger units". The main idea that Meraki is going after is "getting internet access to everyone", so powering these units off of el sol is a good idea.

City planners can deploy these in parks, or really rich people can deploy these all over their multi-acre ranches so they can torrent anywhere. If Michael Jackson still had Neverland, he'd be all up in this solar action. [Meraki via Cleantechnica via Treehugger]