Monday, November 17, 2008

Minority Report Gesture UI Is Now Really Real: G-Speak [Minority Report]


Un-frickin-believable: there've been a few pretenders, but it looks like this new G-Speak system is really the Minority Report UI made into science-faction. It even has gloves something akin to Tom Cruise's natty controllers from the film, and it lets you do the whole arms waving in the air, drag items between screens, object-oriented interface control.

Though you might not have Tom's trademark piercing stare while you're at it. And if you think, "holy crap, that really is like the film!" then here's the reason: maker Oblong Industrie—who dub G-Speak a "gesture-based interface with recombinant networking and real-world pixels"...wowsers—was partly founded by one of the film's science advisers. There's just one question, really: when can we have one? [Engadget via Gizmowatch]