Friday, October 24, 2008

USI introduces MID-160, 'world's thinnest' with an Atom


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USI intro's MID-160,
Size definitely matters for MIDs, what with the whole Mobile moniker in there, but features matter too, and USI's upcoming MID-160 offers most of the important ones. It's got a 5-inch 800 x 480 touch-screen, connectivity over 802.11b/g as well as HSDPA and WiMAX, plus GPS and Bluetooth, served by an (unspecified) Atom processor and 512MB of RAM with 8GB of flash storage (expandable via microSD). All that's delivered in a package just 15mm in thickness and 250 grams in heft, but sadly missing one thing we tend to use a lot when surfing the web: a keyboard. Nokia's N810 WiMAX Edition has one, plus most of the other goods (lacking the Atom and 8GB of storage), yet manages to be just as thin and even lighter -- not to mention available right now. By contrast we have no information on availability or price for MID's sleek, but perhaps unnecessary, successor to the M-150.
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