Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bill Gates Creates Mysterious Company, Everyone Looks Around Nervously [Bill Returns]


World, get ready because Bill Gates is returning. His new company is called bgC3. Bill Gates Concept 3? Bill Gates Cartman 3? Big Goose Charbroiled 3? Bad Gastrointestinal Catastrophe 3? We have no idea. The truth is that very little is known about it, except its trademark categories, and the fact that they have a web site showing a very pretty logo.

Bill Gates' new venture has a federal trademark as a think-tank, covering:

• Scientific and technological services.
• Industrial analysis and research.
• Design and development of computer hardware and software.

The company is not being created in his garage, though: He has opened a small office near his home, apparently full of high tech toys including a Microsoft Surface used as a guest book. [TechFlash via Read Write Web via Valleywag]