Friday, October 24, 2008

BMW asks other automakers to collaborate on in-car open source platform


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In March of last year, we heard that Toyota had a mind to create its very own in-car operating system to "boost efficiency and speed up development." Now, it's bruited that BMW is asking any automaker who will listen to join hands in order to jointly develop an open source in-vehicle platform. The company has stated that it plans on having an open source system in a vehicle that sells 200,000 or more units within the next five to seven years, and while employees from rivals were on hand when the proclamation was made, no one was rushing to call dibs on first. Still, it sounds as if BMW will be forging ahead with or without any assistance, though bigwig Gunter Reichart did assert that BMW was "inviting other OEMs to join it [and] to exchange with it." In an apparent attempt at providing comic relief, Jim Buczkowski (Ford's director of global electrical and electronics systems engineering) stated that through its partnership with Microsoft, it already had 280,000 vehicles on the road with an open system. Hmm, clearly our definitions of "open" are somewhat incongruent.

[Via Motor Authority, thanks Laminaatplaat]
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