Monday, July 21, 2008 a blog, a social network, a zine -- totally clueful big publishing website


Hurrah! Tor, my US novel publisher, has launched, its major, fantastically awesome website, which is part sf zine, part group-blog, part social network. They're publishing great original fiction -- they've got stories by John Scalzi and Charlie Stross up now, and I've got one coming soon, called THE THINGS THAT MAKE ME WEAK AND STRANGE GET ENGINEERED AWAY -- with original illustration by the talented Tor art team. They're running fascinating blog-posts on diverse subjects from a team of bloggers that includes in-house people from across the business and outside "friends of Tor" including novelists, fans, critics, and sundry others. And there's a social networking system that ties it all together.

Oh, and for a short time, they're also hosting all the free ebooks they gave away to entice you to sign up for the launch-announcement. Run, don't walk. Link