Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Samsung 8 Series 850 and 860 Slim LCDs: 1.9 Inches Thick, with Ethernet and a "Touch of Color" [TVs]


Going for thin and pretty, Samsung launched its Series 8 LCDs—the 850 and 860 models—with new bodies that are just 1.9-inches thick at the middle, and thinner on the ends. The 120Hz sets also come with a "Touch of Color" thanks to injection molding—rose for the 850 and deep blue for the 860. A USB 2.0 jack lets you decode images and videos (including XviD and MPEG4) stored on hard drives or cameras. Connect the TV to your LAN via Ethernet or optional $35 wireless adapter, and you get access to DLNA content plus Samsung's new InfoLink RSS service, with news, stocks and weather info from USA Today, in "adjustable overlays". No word on when Giz would appear. Also, we're still waiting for the next gen LED backlit LCDs. Jump for more pics, plus specifications and pricing, which range from $2,700 to $3,500.

860 from the side:850 from the side:

[Press Release]