Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sony HQ Shows Off 3D Fish Footage on 200-inch Mystery Display [Sony]


Apparently, the new attraction at Sony's Tokyo headquarters is a gigantic 200-inch display showing HD underwater footage in 3D. The footage was shot by divers in the Okanawa aquarium with a couple of high-end Sony cameras, but what we're really interested in is that display. What is it?

There's not much info that we can find online, but it's almost definitely not some new 200-inch TV. That sort of thing would have been wheeled out at CES to show Panasonic what's up. Perhaps it's a custom job with two panels stitched together? A projection? Maybe it's just a really fancy aquarium that's gussied up to look like a display? I'm not sure, but from the photos it looks very big and very nice. Anyone have the goods? Inquiring minds want to know. [New Launches]