Friday, February 08, 2008

Pentax k20d & k200d HDR

HDR can normally only be done using software on a computer. This brings us to the new Pentax k20d & k200d

Pentax k200d and k20dThese two new DSLR's from Pentax have HDR capabilities built in. This allows everyday photographers to enhance their photos with HDR. All they have to do is select HDR through the menu dial, set the camera up for the shot, press the shutter button and away it goes. First it takes the correctly exposed photo, it then takes an over-exposed and under-exposed shot and then merges all three together to create the HDR image.

With HDR being included in mid-range DSLR's it means that more people can easily create stunning images without having to fully understand the technology. At the moment it can only produce HDR images from things that are still. If your subject is moving, it wont work, also Pentax hasn't released a launch date for Australia yet apart from 'within the next few months'.

APC Magazine
reports that 'The 14.6 megapixel Pentax K20D will cost $1999 in Australia with 18-55mm lens, and its little brother, the 10.6 megapixel K200D, will cost $1199 with the same lens.' Roughly the same as the Canon 40D & 400D, depending on where you shop.