Thursday, February 07, 2008

Massive Panavision Bazooka HD Lens Delivers 300X Zoom [Big Ass Glass]


panny300x.jpgEven Canon's BFG of telephoto lenses is but a wee fish in the vast ocean of big-ass glass. Today's whale shark specimen: The Panavision 300x HD lens. It's actually a broadcast HD lens, but that makes this sucker no less ridiculous. It's over three feet in length and weighs 85 lbs. (dwarfing the Canon by several inches and 50 lbs.) while delivering a gaping 7-2100mm continuous focal length range (F1.9-F/13) for 300X zoom. Which is a .3 degree field of vision. The cost? 300X what you're thinking. [Panavision]