Friday, February 08, 2008

Email Based File Conversion - Supports PDF, DOC, DOCX, MP3, etc.


Convert Images to PDF Here are five new additions to the list of Most Useful Email Addresses that help you instantly convert popular file formats like Office docs, PDF and music files via email attachments.

To use any of these email based file conversion services, just send your files (like DOCX, PDF, MP3, etc) as email attachments to the address of the conversion service and they’ll send back files in converted formats almost instantly.

1. - Convert WAV to MP3 format (file limit: 10 MB)

2. - Convert Microsoft Visio (VSD) and Word 2007 (DOCX) to PDF. You can send multiple file formats in the same email and the converted PDF documents will arrive in separate emails. Don’t get confused by the iphone word in the email address, it works just fine for the desktop and other wireless devices.

3. - Convert DOC, XLS or PPT files to PDF

4. - Convert PDF to Word or RTF

5. - Convert MP3 Songs to WAV files

The PDFOnline service support all Microsoft Office formats including the latest DOCX format but the file has to be less than 1 MB. You can use the Koolwire email conversion service to convert files as large as 10 MB.

These services are especially handy if your mobile phone doesn’t offer file viewer for particular formats  - like a BlackBerry cannot read Visio or Docx formats.

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Email Based File Conversion - Supports PDF, DOC, DOCX, MP3, etc. - Digital Inspiration