Monday, August 20, 2007

When You Have to Fill, Sign and Then Fax A Paper Document or PDF

Have you have ever come across a situation when you had to fax a paper document or a PDF file after filling in the details and putting your signature in ink ?

I recently attended a conference in another city and the organizers asked us to fax or snail mail a copy of the actual receipts for them to reimburse the travel expenses. Fair enough.

pdf fax document sign

Since the receipts were no legal documents and were required just for the purpose of maintaining records, I took a picture of the entire paper receipt with a digital camera and sent it as an email attachment. They happily accepted the 'digital' format.

amit signature An extension of this technique comes very handy when you have to print a 12 page document, sign every page and fax it back. Either get a scanned image of your signature or create one at Live Signature.

Then paste this image near the footer of every page, print the document as a PDF file (so that it's non-editable) and email it back. No hard copies. You save money, time as well as some trees.

Another trick: Use Mobile Phone Camera as a Scanner