Monday, August 20, 2007

Has Building B created an internet video "God box"?

Without getting overly dramatic, word on the street is that Building B, a new-fangled startup based in Belmont, California, has developed an internet video "God box" which will allow OTA streams of traditional cable, internet video, and on-demand content without the need for a PC (i.e., directly to your 70-inch plasma television). Obviously, as the wave of internet TV steadily increases, dozens of companies are scrambling to unify the set-top, and streamline the end-user's ability to get all their content in one place -- not to mention suck up some totally righteous dough. Although Building B claims their technology will bring a heretofore unseen convergence to people's living rooms, the boys in charge have been rather tight-lipped in regards to the "forthcoming" magic unit, or services and fees that would be associated with said device. Hopefully we'll soon know what the "God box" can or can't do with your television, what kind of "plague" capabilities it will include, and if it will be compatible with Atheism.